We are the Rey, Jay and Laissus families, awarded the title of “Maître Restaurateur” and we welcome you in a modern and warm atmosphere. We emphasize the quality of our home-made cuisine based on fresh produce in an human-scale establishment where the customer is recognized.

At the beginning…


It all started in 1965 when our grandmother, Marcelle, and her husband, Joseph, transformed the family barn into a small hotel with ten rooms:  l’Edelweiss .

In 1970, the hotel was extended for the first time. At that time, our grandparents and their children Louis and Christiane, accompanied by their respective wife and husband Janine and Léon, worked hard to ensure the sustainability of their establishment.

It’s in 1975 that Louis and Janine headed to an altitude of 2,300 meters at La Masse in order to fully take care of their restaurant , built a few years earlier.

Our parents, Christiane and Léon, took over l’Edelweiss at that time. In 1978, they bought the two terraced houses and doubled the capacity of the hotel. Christiane and Léon (Loulou for friends) also bought, in 1984, the Astrolabe, a family friendly B and B behind the church in St-Martin de Belleville, and transformed it into a restaurant now known as L’ETOILE DES NEIGES!

It’s at this time that we, the grandchildren, Marie-Pierre, Patrick and Florence, entered the family business as employees. In 1995, accompanied by our respective spouses, Jean-Michel, Marie-Laure and Philippe, we became the owners of the hotel and restaurant.

Since then, we have worked very hard to satisfy our customers to whom we are very attached, helped by the fourth generation, in the person of Nicolas, the son of Patrick and Marie-Laure, who joined the kitchen team in December 2012…

The restaurant nowaday

Thank you all for your precious loyalty…

Marie-Pierre & Jean-Michel REY
Patrick, Marie-Laure & Nicolas LAISSUS
Florence & Philippe JAY